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The First Step to Authentic Marketing

2018-10-04 2 min read marketing citizen kevin

(^ photo of sign in front of Miami’s very own Midtown Creamery)

As a marketer, one of my aims is to create scalable and repeatable processes for supporting customers through the customer lifecycle.

I want to acquire a customer, retain them, and grow the relationship. And repeat that thousands of time.

This goal exists in tension with a personal goal of mine:

I never want people to feel like they’re in a soul-less transaction. Ever.

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they scanned my brain (Pathwaves MindMap Experience)

2018-10-01 5 min read training citizen kevin


This was the beginning of one of the weirdest and most positive experiences I’ve had in the past 5 years.

It started with my “Pathwaves Mind Map”, the initial assessment that the Pathwaves team does with clients.

From this I learned that certain areas of my brain were being overactive and leading me to be constantly scanning the environment for threats even when I didn’t need to be.

This was taxing my brain’s energy reserves and making it difficult to get into deep sleep. This in turn was also likely linked to my food sensitivity problems.

Not only did this exercise give me insight, but it also gave me actions I could take to change the situation. (Spoiler Alert: Those actions WORKED.)

It’s still hard to believe. I’d like to see some other people I know try it.

If you’re interested in doing it, send me an email at I can get you a discount.

Here’s a bit more of the story…..

“I don’t know what happened, but something stressful happened to your mother around the time you were born.”

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